Milan Pilipović was born in BP, Serbia. He was introduced to mosaic art after his studies in informatics. Until that time, he had practiced diverse techniques and styles when it came to visual arts. He worked as a graphic designer, 3D modeler and animator and as a painter.

alt="mozaik Sveti Nikolaj"

Milan Pilipovic during the work on mosaic of St Nicholas

Milan’s first contact with mosaics was around year 2000.Searching for the purpose of art, as many other artists do, the Icon (mosaic technique) appeared as a the way to give an answer not only to the purpose of art, but of Life as well.

Milan creates mosaics in the Byzantine style for Churches (floor and wall mosaics), contemporary mosaics for home settings and designs for floors with 3D previews. Mosaics are created using different materials such as glass (smalti), gold and colorful stones gathered from different locations all around the world. Having a solid experience with visual programs such as “Photoshop”, “Illustrator”, “Maya” and “After Effect” permits him to present previews of his work on the screen before materializing them.